Shining Superstar, Shining WHPU
( Author: Zou Xing, Fang Jian  Source: sfl Time: 2016/06/02 Hit: )


---The 5th English Drama Competition Came to a Perfect End

On June 2, 2016, the day full of childishness, the 5th English drama competition called "Meeting Superstar of Drama" that given by Star English drama club has been held successfully in the science lecture hall of Jinyinhu library. The subject of the competition was "Meeting Superstar of Drama", and it aimed at raising students' passion of studying, talent of creating and showing, they are hoped to understand the Chinese and Western culture.
The guests at the competition contain the Dean Fang Yazhong, Secretary Wang Xuefeng, Deputy Dean Li Lin, and many teachers from teaching and research sections. The judge panel comprised the director Luo Min and some foreign teachers. Besides six classes of sophomore and freshmen from Foreign Languages School, two English dual degree classes and Star English drama club also brought their wonderful show for us.

The opening dance Zero was so fantastic that it lighted up the flame of youth instantly. The first performance was The Romance of West Chamber from class 1502, they showed us a most incisive beautiful love story, and “may all lovers unite in marriage" was the best wishes. A Doll House showed by class 1403 characterized the process that the heroine got rid of doll status and self-awareness vividly. Flirting Scholar given by class 1402 amazed the audiences, the cross-dressing 'Tang Bohu' by a girl dressing and dancing joyously, it is said that "for truly great man, look at Tang". Waterloo Bridge performed by class 1401 was very theme-distinctive, actors' expression and action just showed exactly what love means and the cruelty of war. Class 1503 played a thrilling love tragedy Othello. Three Strikes by "Star English drama club pushed the atmosphere to a climax once again, the modeling of Tang Seng’s team was attractive, the appearance of Ms. White Bone and her creative dance made audience excited and cheered. Black hair turned into white, the White Haired Girl by English dual degree class from Changqing Campus was very touching, which made everyone truly felt Xier's complicated life road. Beauty causes danger, Helen Troy by class 1501 just expressed a war that provoked by "beauty". The scenery of Troy massacre was so unforgettable. The Descendant of the Sun by English dual degree class from Jinyinhu Campus was the grand finale. The love story between 'Song Joong Ki' and 'doctor Jiang' was very impressive.

From Greek mythology to popular idol drama nowadays, from western classics to eastern much-told story, the variety of drama type and the special performance of actors really glutted audience's eyes. Good works are often the combination of inheritance and innovation. "Bold innovation" will be the eternal theme.