The Third Academic SubcommitteeMeetingHeld in SFL
( Author: Guo Haiping  Source: sfl Time: 2016/06/07 Hit: )


On the afternoon of June 6th, the 3rd academic subcommittee meeting was successfully held in the 5th-floor meeting room of School of Foreign Languages. Mr. Fang Yazhong, Dean of SFL, chaired the meeting, and other members are in attendance.

The first agenda of the meeting came to the question about awarding the graduates 2016 master's degree. Professor Fang Yazhong gave a brief introduction of the graduates 2016 to the participants that two students’ participation in the academic activities, academic reports, social practice activities, Master’s thesis of off campus blind trial results, duplicate checking and their oral defense of gradation all meet the requirements. Secretary of the defense committee, Deputy Dean, Professor He Min made a brief introduction to the participants of the two graduates’ defense and showed them the approval to grant them master degree of law. Finally, participants agreed with the result in secret ballot.
The second agenda of the meeting came to the discussion of the reward and punishment mechanism about the innovative team of ' Western Feminist Writing and Marxism'. Professor Fang Yazhong emphasized that the teammates should clarify their responsibilities, devote themselves to academic research, publish high-quality academic papers, participate academic activities actively and guide the students to publish academic papers. Meanwhile, Fang Yazhong also stressed that we should quantify the evaluation indicators of the team members. The last elimination system would be put into force. Members who cannot completed the expected task will be persuaded to resign from an official position. The reward and punishment mechanism of college innovation team will encourage the members’ to have more scientific research enthusiasm, promote scientific research and inject new vitality into the development of Foreign Languages School.