Adhere to the Four Clear, Implement “Thematic Party Branch Day”
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In order to facilitate the implement of "Thematic Party Branch Day" and "Two learn to do", guide party members to focus on their posts and perform their duties, and get ready to shoulder responsibilities. On the afternoon of June 16, the party committee of school of foreign languages held "Thematic Party Branch Day" training promotion meeting. Party branch committee members, all the branch secretaries and some teachers in charge of the students’ organizations attended this meeting which was hosted by school party branch secretary Wang Xuefeng.
At the meeting, secretary Wang drew a conclusion about the previous "Thematic Party Branch Day", and put explicit requirements that each party branch should take more measures to standardize the activities regulars and process, deepen the activity effects, impel "Two learn to do", which combined with "School of Foreign Languages "Thematic Party Branch Day Activities Discipline", set by school party branch. He pointed that "Thematic Party Branch Day" must be seriously standard, persevere in the "Four Clear" criteria: First, to clear time, relatively fixed"; Second, clear object, complete coverage; Third, clear contents, standardize process; Fourth, clear duty, carry out strictly.
Afterwards, secretary Wang notified the general arrangement about the thematic party day activities held on June 12, and stressed every Thematic Party Branch Day should insist "3+x" pattern, all of the party members should be organized firstly to do well the three sets of "pay dues consciously, relive the party oath, read the Party Constitution collectively" at every thematic party day, and strengthen the faith in the sense of ritual. On the base of the above activities, members should make sure the monthly “Thematic Party Branch Day", combined with practical study and discussion, party theme lecture, organization life, appraising party members democratically, organize group activities, focus on the post to contribute and innovate. Ensure that required activities are not beyond the form, voluntary ones are typical.
At the end of the meeting, participants had a further discussion about how to foothold official duty post, deepen party theme day activity, develop professional teachers' advantages, strengthen school culture-brand construction and hold the first foreign languages culture festival "Autumn of Gold Lake".