Strengthen the Teaching Monitoring, Improve the Quality of Teaching
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---Supervisory Communication Meeting was convened by SFL Steering Group

On June 16, 2006, the school of foreign languages' steering group convened this semester's supervisory communication meeting to notify the result of class. In this term, the supervisors attended almost thirty classes, which ranged from English Specialized Course, College English to College Oral English and so on.
It is widely agreed that teachers supervised were well-prepared, taught seriously, took a correct attitude and high teaching quality. At the same time, some of the teachers designed a lot of warm-ups before class to inspire students to learn by themselves, while some other teachers followed the emphasis and difficult points to organize students to preview in advance. Moreover, students thought highly of teachers' oral expressions.
However, there are some problems in the lectures. Such as using plethoric Chinese in the classes, which means the proportion of time that using Chinese to explain and teach was too much. That some young teachers were weak in grammar leads grammatical phenomenon not to be explained clearly. A few classes' teaching contents and teaching time allocations need to be further optimized, and the last one or two courses' teaching contents haven't been arranged reasonably.
The supervisors who attended the meeting said they would explore the methods and mechanisms in the supervision of foreign language classes to contribute to improve the teaching quality of school of foreign languages in the future lectures.