Deliver Young Positive Energy and Aid the Poor with Knowledge
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--- The caring donation ceremony for left-behind children was successfully held

On the morning of June 22, a donation ceremony about social practice activity of “a program under which officials, doctors, scientist and college students go to the countryside to spread scientific and literacy knowledge and offer medical service to farmers" was held in Daodian Central Primary School of Yunmeng county, Xiaogan city, Hubei province. This activity was promoted by Muyu Caring Service Group, which was organized by School of Foreign Language and College of Construction Engineering. The deputy secretary of School Party Committee's organization department, Liu Lilun.School Party Committee's secretary, Liu Jing, and the secretary of Party Committee, Wang Xuefeng, who came from College of Foreign Language, along with deputy secretary of People's Government in Daodian village, Yunmeng village, Gong Bing and headmaster of Daodian Central Primary School, Feng Xianbing attended the ceremony together.

At the beginning, the secretary Liu and the headmaster Mr. Feng hung out practice base's shingle together. Mr. Liu and other leaders donated stationery and necessities to Daodian Central Primary School including schoolbags, water glasses, dictionaries, color pens, pillows raincoats and so on. After that, Li Xinke, who was on behalf of all School of Foreign Language's volunteers made a speech said, "I never feel so full before the activity of volunteer and I will regard volunteer service as a kind of life attitude in the following days. "Mr. Liu also made a statement. He expressed appreciation to Daodian Central Primary school for giving students such a precious chance to practice and praised what volunteers did highly. He said, "Not only does the activity of volunteer teaching enrich primary students' knowledge, but it also makes college students learn a lot.” He promised to stick to such activities all the time, and wished Daodian Central Primary School better and better.
It's reported that Muyu Educational Caring Group was established under the support and help of School League Committee. It was a volunteer service group that was made up of twelve students who were Henqing party member volunteer service group of School of Foreign Language and literary activists of College of Construction Engineering, among of which there are eight volunteers who came from the College of Foreign Language. These volunteers took full advantage of their strength and character to offer left-behind children different classes such as music appreciation, instrument performance, origami paper and interesting English to cultivate their interest. Besides that, they offered other classes about accompany and affection like sending letters, thanksgiving education, and communicating. What they had done delivered full positive energy to left-behind children.