The Theme Education of Party Building Studies Celebration Activities
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To memorize the 95th birthday of the Communist Party of China, the Party committee of Institution of Foreign Studies actively developed the activities with abundant, rich contents and diversified forms. To express heartfelt tribute to the Party's birthday by using the practical actions, and deeply boost the theme education.

Carry out "the theme of Party branch" activities. Before July 1, each branch of Party has organized all Party members to pay dues consciously, to review the Party oath, to chant the constitution, as well to carry though the studying discussion, the theme Party Lecture, organizational life and collective activities combined with reality according to the model"3+X".
Carry out the selection and recognition activities. The Institution has organized to vote a number of excellent Party members and Party workers to further select and set a typical example, condensed positive energy and inspire Party members to learn to seek advanced and try to be first and excellent.

Visit the history of Memorial. Institution Party committee together with Party branch has organized all Party members to visit the Wuhan revolutionary museum on June 30 to relive the development history of our Party, enhance the Party member's Party consciousness and keep Party political qualities.

Watch the 95th anniversary of the founding of the general assembly. On the morning of July 1st, the Party and government leaders, the teachers and students Party members representative of Institution have watched a live broadcast of the general assembly together in the boardroom of Institution, and have listened the President Xi's speech in which Xi reviews the Past, and looks forward to the future. The Party members firmly believed that our Chinese Dream would come true under the Party's right leadership.
The School of Foreign Languages regarded the "7.1 activities" as the chance that deeply boosts the education of " studies on the theoretical and practical issues of Party building", strengthens the Party organization's cohesion, appeal and fighting capacity, inspires all Party members to firm ideals and beliefs more, as well inherits and develops Party's fine tradition and style, enhances the sense of mission and responsibility to add luster flag. All Party members would answer Xi's call "don’t forget the original intention and continue to move forward.", and go without fear in the condition that the school develops rapidly and well.