The First Seminar and Thesis Exchange of Marxism and Feminism held by SFL Came to a Perfect End
( Author: Guo Haiping, Gu Qiu   Source: sfl Time: 2016/07/06 Hit: )


In order to enhance Marxism and Feminism academic research and communication, improve the academic level of professional master's degree candidate, promote Marxism and Feminism academic team building and create an active speculation academic atmosphere, the first seminar and thesis exchange of Marxism and Feminism held by school of foreign languages in the 5th-floor conference room on Gold and silver lake campus SFL building on the morning of July 4. The academic committee member of school of foreign languages and the Marxism and Feminism innovative team member of the school of foreign languages and the tutor group and the graduates in Grade 13, 14 and 15 attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the professor Guo Haiping who is the leader of the tutor group.

There were two items on the agenda including seminar and thesis meet of exchange. Participated in the seminar were professor Fang Yazhong, associate professor Wang Dingquan and professor Li Lin. Professor Fang took Irigaray's Discourse Right and Women's Attributes as the topic to open a lecture mainly tutor. Irigaray's thought is broad and profound and the theory is hard to understand, but professor Fang made a systematic review about the main ideas in Discourse Right and Women's Attributes in a concise and vivid language, such as Irigaray criticized Freud, raised questions about the tradition of western philosophy which was mare privilege as the core value and challenged the discourse power of western philosophy and so on. Associate professor Wang, took the breakthrough point of feminist theory, "gender", "the production of gender ideology" as the title, made a historical review and carding to "What is gender?" "What is gender ideology?" from the perspective of theoretical development, and cited Barrett's "stereotype", "compensation" and "conspiracy" and "restoration" and other four kinds of female image construction ways to discuss " the production and reproduction of gender ideology". Professor Li took Juliet's feminist thought: "women, the longest revolution" as the theme made a profound truth interpretation from the source of theory, main content, significance and limitation and so on. Professor Li Lin's lecture clarified the relationship between socialist feminism and classical Mark doctrine, emphasized the inheritance and development of Marx's feminist thought, but also pointed out its limitations.