The Preliminary of FLTRP Cup in WHPU Ended Successfully
( Author: Sang Yuping  Source: sfl Time: 2016/10/24 Hit: )


"FLTRP Cup" National English Writing Preliminary was held in Wuhan Polytechnic University as scheduled from 9am to 11am in 15th October. The competition was organized by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing International Research Online Technology Co., Ltd., University of Foreign Language Teaching Higher Education Steering Committee of Ministry of Education, and the English Teaching and Guiding Committee, while undertook by school of Foreign Language of WHPU, English Writing Center, and English Micro Learning Platform.
As a consequence, 285 students from 13 schools had participated in this contest. Indeed, the testing centers were set up in six language labs of Gold-silver Lake Campus and Changqing Campus. At the same time, the contest subjects were released by "FLTRP Cup" Online Platform, which required students to accomplish two writing tasks in two hours--one is a 500-word argumentative writing, the other is an expository writing(300-500 words). Additionally, the contest subjects are relevant to social hot spots and developments of the era, including the new spirit of the Olympic Games indicated by the post-match interview of "Red Net'' Fu Yuanhui, and how to use Wechat. After the contest, i-write 2.0 writing system, an AI translator, simply corrected the essays first. Furthermore, the School of Foreign Language organized a jury that included Li Peng, Liu Lingyu, Luo Min, Wang Dingquan and Huang Rong to do a revaluation.
Finally, Fang Jian as a sophomore of School of Foreign Language won the special reward, and she would participate in the semifinal of Hubei province in November, as a representative of our school. Meanwhile, the remaining contestants won the first, second and third prize according to 1%, 3% and 6% of the participants, and they would get certificates of FLTRP. This competition inspired students' passion of writing, and broadened teachers' thought of teaching reform.

PS: A list of winners in preliminary contest of WHPU was released.

Note: All the winners should pay attention to the information of the website "".