Dissertation Defense for Master Degree 2016 Came to a Perfect End
( Author: Guo Haiping, Gu Qiu  Source: sfl Time: 2016/05/30 Hit: )


On the afternoon of May 29, the Dissertation Defense for Master Degree 2016 was successfully held in the 5th-floor meeting room of School of Foreign Languages on the campus of Jinyinhu. The Dissertation Defense Committee consists of the chairman, professor Yin Yuxin, who is the Master's Tutor of the Marxism School in PLA Communication Command Institute, and members of the Committee, professor Li Qizhi, associate professor Xu Qing from the College of Art and Media, and Deputy Dean of SFL, professor Li Lin, and professor Guo Haiping, and the secretary of the Committee, associate professor and Deputy Dean of SFL, He Min. Xu Changming and Cai Qiujing, graduates of the first session in SFL majoring in Marxist-feminist, participated in this defense. The graduates of grade 2014 in SFL came by and sit in on this defense.

First of all, the chairman, professor Yin Yuxin introduced the process about defense briefly and clearly. Then the two students made an oral presentation with PPT according to the main point of their dissertation. After the judges read their dissertation and listened to their presentation carefully, questions about the dissertation were raised, such as the basis of dissertation, the construction on thesis statement, exertion about demonstrating methodology, thesis frame structure as well as wording and phrasing, utilization of punctuation, standard of document's label and so on. Both of them answered these questions correctly and fluently. Finally, in terms of the dissertation quality and performance on defensing, the judges objectively evaluated on their academic achievements and research competence after a heated discussion.

This Dissertation Defense for Master Degree was the first session held by the School of Foreign Languages. With the adequate preparation of the teachers and students, this defense kept in order and came to a perfect end, which provided precious experience and set an example for the defense in the future.