Lecture Series on Independent Learning: American Festivals
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To expand students' cultural horizons and improve their humanistic literacy, an English self-learning lecture was held on May 3rd and 4th in 2016, where the students of the 2014 Sino-foreign educational cooperation of Wine Engineering, Food Science Engineering and Construction Management had attended. The lecture was given by Lai Yi, one of the teachers in the International Education Staff Room, in which she mainly talked about the origin, celebration and activities of traditional American festivals. The lecture was informative and included many interesting and fascinating pictures, audios and videos. It was a feast to promote the cross-cultural exchange between China and the West.

To begin with, Miss Lai talked about the most humanity festival of May--Mother's Day, which falls on the second Sunday in May. Usually, on that day, western people would give a bouquet of carnations to their mothers to show their blessing. And the stores would even supply free carnations for passers-by in the front of the door.

The next funny festival was St. Patrick's Day (on March 17th), which is in honor of the Patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick's. It originates from Ireland since the end of the 15th century and gradually became the festival of the western countries after the descendants of the Ireland flooded all over the world. The traditional color of it is green, which is the same to the color of Ireland's national flag (yellow and green) and the national flower (clover). What should be paid attention to is the great difference between the decoration of it and Chinese traditional culture.

(Kids in St. Patrick’s Day’s Best)

American Independence Day falls on July 4th. Different with the military parade in China on the National Day, the form of the parade in America is as casual and random as they like, in which all kinds of organizations even animals can participate.

(Hershey's & Carriage in American National Day Parade)

If there is a festival that can satisfy the appetites of foodies, it must be Thanksgiving Day. On the last Thursday night of November, all of the stores will be closed. Families will reunite and enjoy the banquet together.

(From Left to Right:Turkey, Pachyrhizus, Niblet, Bread, Cranberry Sauce, Cranberry Jelly)

(“Black Friday” Explained by Miss Lai)

In addition, the most well-known festivals must be Halloween and Christmas. Miss Lai pointed out that Christmas is actually the Christmas season, because there will be a variety of Shopping Mall Christmas Promotion & Activities when December is coming in western countries.

Finally, the lecture ended in a relaxed atmosphere. After the lecture, many students said that it had not only deepened their impression of the festivals but also enhanced their understanding of their cultural connotations. And it had strengthened the awareness of cross-cultural communications as well. Even so, the lecture had not given full expression to the student's views, they all longed for more lectures like this.