Based on Standard & Put IELTS Training into Daily
( Author: Zhang Ying  Source: sfl Time: 2016/05/06 Hit: )


---English teaching reform series in the International Education Staff Room

The International Education Staff Room, which operates the Sino-foreign educational cooperation project has held several meetings to discuss the teaching reform methods and IELTS training program for promoting the development of international education and communication, strengthen Sino-foreign educational cooperation in running schools, enhance the passing rate of students' IELTS exam. Our university and the school of foreign languages have paid close attention to this meeting. On May 5, the International Education Staff Room had a meeting again to draw up specific implementation scheme of IELTS training this term. Dean Fang, Deputy Dean He and, Deputy Dean Li attended the meeting and put forward some guidance.

Dean Fang considers that the IELTS training for students in grade 2015 should combine with students' English capacities and levels. The training must be developed as soon as possible from this term. He points out that IELTS training should be based on standard and put into daily teaching, which aims to allow students to have a macroscopical understanding and grasp. With the existing conditions, the IELTS training in our school should rely heavily on our own teachers and give full play to teachers' subjective initiative. Firstly, we should establish IELTS teaching team actively. Then, an overall plan should be made for the teaching system which aims at IELTS single test and evaluation criteria. What's more, we also have to prefect the teaching outline, textbook construction and refine the teaching program to put IELTS training into practice.

Training for students in grade 2015 will proceed in two phases. The first step is to solve students' urge demand at present, and organize training course rapidly. The major task is training for spoken languages and writing. The second step, during the third and fourth term, Basic English and IELTS training teaching link and fusion will be comprehensively planned, which will lay a solid foundation for setting a complete and comprehensive IELTS training program. All the teachers in International Education Staff Room will support the guiding ideology and put forward specific advice and suggestions with implement the training details this semester. After the meeting, the staff room has a discussion and sets up two training teams. One is named "IELTS Spoken languages", the other is "IELTS writing".

This IELTS training will last for five weeks. The training is designed to help students get the whole picture of IELTS and lay a foundation for systematic IELTS basic training and sprint training afterwards, which will also accumulate precious experience to overall implement IELTS training plan for grade 2016.